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Our primary focus is to interact with you and your business to help you grow, prosper and be proud to be a Woking business. We encourage collaboration with other businesses within the Borough adding value to you and them. 

Start- up Advice Clinics and Events

Starting a business can be daunting, keeping one running, even more so.

Woking Works aims to provide support to anyone in the Woking Borough with a business-related issue. Perhaps you are just starting out, and need advice - then take a look at our start-up pages and get ready for a free appointment with one of our business advisors.

Woking Works supports all businesses from those who are just launching their idea to those who have been in our Borough for hundreds of years. We want to share our expertise and spread the word about your products and services.

Woking offers superb access to the business community and education sector, within a well-equipped and supportive environment.

Business Surgeries 

Aimed at established businesses (3-5 years old), our Business Surgeries provide expertise from our partners to companies who need support and guidance. The business surgeries allow us to understand how the participant’s businesses operate currently, the structure and strategy behind it. It also allows us to consult with the participants in terms of their areas of concern within the business and our partners can offer insight as to how to remedy these problems in the most cost effective and time efficient way.

If you're already trading, but are unsure where to go next, we can offer growth, financial, IT or marketing related advice through with our partners. An initial appointment is free, just sign up on our events page.

Business Networking

We would urge all businesses to participate in the various networking opportunities we have in Woking. Woking Chamber of Commerce run a monthly networking session at the New Victoria Theatre on the last Friday of the month – see the Woking Chamber's website for more details.



We have collated some great resources and information about finding funding or grants for business.



Find out how to tap into Woking's talent pool, and help develop the workforce of tomorrow.



To fast track your business growth, use the wide variety of networks and partnerships Woking has to offer.



Looking for conferencing space in Woking? We have put together some of the best.