In 2008 when this Forum was created for the purpose of helping Woking Asian businesses to become more mainstream, little did anyone think that the Forum could have evolved and expanded to become the dynamic organisation it is today.

Our focus includes networking opportunities that feature world class speakers, advice and surgeries that offer signposting for immediate results and professional development, health and education support at numerous levels, as well as direct access to a wonderful community of like-minded people. We also continue to be supported by our professional community partners including our biggest champion, Woking Borough Council.

Main Aim

Help, promote, support and encourage the development of individuals in business through a holistic approach thereby ensuring that the broader family, cultural and educational needs are met.

Specific Aims

  • To create opportunities to promote and increase the Asian community's economic success.
  • To make local services and developments more responsive to local needs by encouraging Asian businesses to diversify into mainstream businesses.
  • To increase community capacity for involvement into various programmes by becoming an advocate of the Asian community.
  • To┬áprovide focus and support in the community for women, youth and health.

Key Objectives

  • To provide outreach work visiting local businesses informing them of the latest support and training available
  • To improve diversification and the cross-fertilisation of ideas and initiatives through an increase in Asian and non-Asian membership of the Forum
  • To identify Asian businesses with growth potential and help them achieve that potential
  • To run an advice clinic who wish to investigate and develop business ideas

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