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Woking Works supports wellbeing in the workplace. There is a wealth of information available to managers and employees of SME's in Woking. 

Most adults spend a large proportion of their waking lives at work. Work can be highly beneficial to wellbeing but can also cause or contribute to poor mental health. All organisations, be they large or small, charitable or not-for-profit, can take steps to improve the wellbeing of their employees at work.

The case for investing in workplace wellbeing is all the stronger because the positive impact is not only felt by employees but also by employers. Employees be healthier, less stressed and more motivated but also organisations will have higher productivity, with fewer absences, lower staff turnover, and higher profits and performance.

An estimate of the cost of mental health-related absence to UK Employers is approximately £7.9bn (Deloitte, 2017). Figures for 2018/19 from the UK Labour Force Survey showed that 602,000 people reported they were experiencing work-related stress, anxiety or depression. 

Support with creating a mentally healthy workplace

If you would like to understand how your organisation can support mental health in the workplace: there is a wealth of information available at

The Mental Health at Work Commitment Standards are a great way for organisations who are interested in promoting mental health at work to learn about how to start.  The framework equips employers which evidence-based standards for best practice.  

Support for those within your workforce with wellbeing challenges

Catalyst is a not for profit organisation, providing a range of services and support for people in Surrey. Three main areas to support your employees are; Mental Health and Wellbeing, Drug & Alcohol and Specialist Outreach.  

For more information about these services, please visit the Catalyst website at, call 01483 590150 or you can subscribe to their newsletter by visiting:

Visit the Mind website for any information and advice on a range of mental health topics at You may also find other local Mind groups by visiting

Resources are also available at

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres, Counselling, & Support

For more information on Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres, Counselling, & Support;

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