Fredericks Foundation

Who we are?

Fredericks is a specialist finance provider for Social Enterprises and Charities. Fredericks has provided loans to fi­nancially excluded individuals for the last 20 years and are proud that we have helped nearly 2000 business start-ups. We are now shifting our attention to providing capital to those Charities and Social Enterprises that are focused on helping our traditional customer base. By doing this we believe that we can extend our reach and help more deserving people to live a more dignified life. Fredericks provides capital using a new and imaginative revenue share model, that is neither a loan nor an equity Investment.

Our Mission

Fredericks Foundation’s mission is to help the disabled, disadvantaged, and unemployed members of the community, especially those from ethnic minorities, single parent families, women, ex-offenders, and ex-military, just to name a few. We now achieve our mission by supporting Social Enterprises and Charities who are working with our traditional client base and can reach a larger segment of this marketplace.

Our Aim

To alleviate poverty by providing finance to those Social Enterprises and Charities that are supporting individuals to achieve the dignity and self-respect of supporting themselves through their own efforts. To work with partners and volunteers to promote employment and reinforce local communities through business. 

History of Fredericks Foundation

Fredericks Foundation was founded in 2001 by Paul Barry-Walsh, a successful IT entrepreneur. In the years since, Fredericks has transformed the lives of thousands. Fredericks have given entrepreneurs – unattractive to high street banks – a hand up to start their own businesses. To follow a dream, climb out of poverty, look after their families, and become economic contributors to society. This is now achieved by providing finance to Social Enterprises and Charities who are working towards the same goals.

After struggling to start his own company due to lack of funding, Paul wanted to help small businesses experiencing the same adversity to funding he did. And still today, Fredericks has never been more relevant.

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