LoCASE Grant Funding in Surrey

We are delighted to announce that we have had our follow on programmes approved by HM Government. This means that we are in a position to help our South and East SMEs with grant funding (including those we’ve helped previously) right up until Spring 2023. This can be standard SMEs in the region who are looking at ‘green’ projects or LCREE/EGSS firms seeking grant funding for business development purposes, especially pertinent through COVID-19 adaptation. Maximum 40% ERDF grant contributions will remain at a limit of £10K with the minimum grant of £1K for qualifying projects. There is going to be plenty of funding available to help our SMEs in this difficult transition time. We have worked hard behind the scenes to try to adapt and streamline our delivery and processes to best suit this increasingly digital world but there will still be real people to talk to and assist in your locality!

Eligible Businesses


  • SMEs who sell products or services
  • Under 250 employees
  • Annual turnover of less than €50M (£44M)
  • Annual balance sheet under €43M (£39M)
  • State aid of less than €200k (£180k)


  • All charities
  • State aid of less than €200k (£180k)

Note: If another firm owns more than a quarter of your company or you own more than a quarter in another firm, they must meet the above criteria.

Grant Funding

  • Minimum £1,000 and up to £10,000
  • 40% of eligible expenditure
  • Towards energy efficiency and sustainability measures, product development, marketing

Project Examples

All Businesses

Energy Efficiency Measures

  • Remote access projects (i.e. video conferencing, VPN, Cloud)
  • Lighting – led, controls, sensors, Building control systems
  • Mileage saving projects along with fleet management software, dual fuel systems, sustainable travel planning
  • Heating – replacement boilers/burners, zone control, heat recovery, oil to gas, thermal stores
  • Recycling and waste processing equipment
  • Solar thermal, geo-thermal, heat pumps, Insulation, Ventilation – air circulation systems
  • Electricity generation incl. Solar photovoltaic

Non-Financial Support

  • Steps to Environment Management Training
  • Collaboration building networking events
  • 1 to 1 business support

Environmentally Focussed Businesses, Green or LCREE/EGSS Businesses

SMEs in the Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Economy/Environmental Goods and Services Sectors, businesses which sell green products or services such as plumbing, electrical, waste, landscaping, environmental management and assessment, architecture and water processing can apply for a business development grant.

Business Development Projects

  • Certification, accreditation & verification incl. consultancy costs
  • Product development and research, specialist fees
  • Plant, equipment & machinery, materials and equipment for research and development, facilities hire e.g. specialist lab facilities for testing
  • IT software, hardware, phone systems
  • Marketing and advertising, website development costs

Register your interest at email any questions to [email protected]

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