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As businesses grow, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the moving parts. Whether you need help re-focusing your strategy, or financial support while you get things off the ground, Woking Works can step in.

Our Growth Incubator, C2I, based in Export House in the centre of Woking, offers subsidised office-space with full IT and telephone services, as well as modern meeting spaces and an opportunity to meet and work with other small businesses.

Business Surgeries

Perhaps your business has been up and running for a while, and you’re not sure where to take it next. Woking Works can provide advice on the best way to grow, whether this is looking at staffing structures, or ensuring that you are marketing your product in the most effective way. We can offer surgeries with our business advisors or with our partners, depending on the support that you are looking for. The advice from our partners is free for the first consultation, and chargeable thereafter, should you decide to engage their services.

Do the right thing

Although turning a profit is always going to be a major priority for a successful business, there are many ways to achieve this aim. Looking after the long-term health of your employees and your company’s green credentials can actually save you money too. Woking Borough Council is proud to lead by example, by using sustainable energy across the city, as well as employing a wide range of people, from a variety of different backgrounds. 

The council also supports a number of health-based initiatives and recently carried out an energy audit across its properties. The Business Liaison Team can offer advice on ways that you can develop your business in a similar way. Find out more, by checking out the links on the right.