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What are the benefits?

The S100 Club has been successfully helping investors to connect with innovative fast growth early stage companies and entrepreneurs in the Surrey and South East Region since 2007. A strong relationship with the University of Surrey and the SETsquared partnership allow the Club unrivaled access to the most innovative companies, early in their investment journey which offers the following benefits:

  • Finding the best companies at the right point in their growth cycle and shaping them to be 'investment ready'
  • Facilitating investors to investigate and collaborate on promising opportunities by providing an online platform that brings transparency to deals
  • A not-for-profit infrastructure and support network designed to facilitate growth and investment

Both club members and presenting entrepreneurs see a number of benefits.

Investor benefits

As members of the S100 Club, our investors benefit from first and exclusive access to some of the region’s most innovative and dynamic entrepreneurs and start-up ventures, all with high-growth potential.

Our online platform allows easy access to all the investment documentation required to make an informed decision.  It also facilitates the communication with other interested investors, allowing syndicates to form and additional funding providers to be sought and introduced.  It also allows members to be introduced to exciting new propositions on a regular basis and view the pitch at their leisure.

Benefits to investor members include:

  • Access to entrepreneurs and ventures that have already benefited from initial mentoring and support from Surrey’s SETsquared team
  • Access to an unrivalled network to make contact and connections with:
    • The University of Surrey
    • The Surrey Research Park and its tenant companies
    • Entrepreneurs and other successful business leaders
    • Other S100 Club members represented by a cross section of influential business leaders, including successful entrepreneurs and former CEOs, chairmen and non-executives of large private and public companies
  • Invitations to a programme of pitch events throughout the year, allowing easy access to discover more about the interesting propositions on offer
  • An invitation to the annual SETsquared Investor Showcase event, hosted in London

Entrepreneur benefits

The S100 Club has been successfully helping companies raise equity finance since 2007. Our proven ‘investor readiness’ training ensures that companies seeking Angel investment are fully prepared when they pitch to the S100 Club’s investors; therefore maximising their chances of securing funding.  This approach has ensured our success to date, the S100 Club has assisted companies in raising over £84 million and created/protected hundreds of jobs. Some benefits include

  • Access to mentors and entrepreneurs that have successfully funded and scaled start up businesses
  • Coaching and training sessions to get your pitch to a top level
  • No fee access to some of the regions top Angel investors, NED's and mentors at the pitch event
  • Access to our online platform that allows you to present your proposition to the wider public as well providing you with a communication tool to build your investment case, share all relevant documents/information and keep interested parties up to date with your progress. 

Entrepreneurs may also benefit by enrolling in our investor readiness programme. 

  • Our "investor readiness" process  includes:
    • A session of professional pitch training: a full run through of your 10 minute elevator pitch with feedback from our experienced team
    • Fine tuning of your one page business summary

If you think you have what it takes to succeed and are looking for early-stage investment, we would like to hear from you. To clarify, our membership comprises exclusively of investors.  Companies seeking funding should submit their details by registering on the platform.

Click Here to read about some of our company success stories so far. 

From an investor point of view, it is definitely regarded as a positive if the business meets the criteria for SEIS/EIS tax relief.

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