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Starting a new business is both exhilarating and daunting at the same time. Keeping one going, even more so. This is why we’ve created Start Up Woking, a vibrant network of support, specifically designed to support start-ups, micro-enterprises and small businesses from Woking.

Building on the success of the Woking Works business advisory programme, the Business Liaison Team  is set to deliver a supercharged boost to local business owners that have one goal in mind – achieving sustainable growth and making a profit in a rapidly changing and increasingly more competitive marketplace.

Pop Up Board

Start Up Woking is collaborating with the Pop Up Board, a group of entrepreneurs and experts in business. The Pop Up Board, is a place where start-ups and small businesses can come to talk through challenges they are facing. Visit the PUB's website and get more help from Start Up Woking and the Pop Up Board.

What are the benefits

Woking Works has supported over 300 businesses over the past five years Start Up Woking will connect ambitious small business owners with high-quality business education, digital skills training, mentorship and connection to a vibrant entrepreneurial community, all which are critical to sustainable business growth. An impressive 69% of these are still trading.

Here’s how Start Up Woking can help you:

  • Get FREE advice - 90 minutes of one to one advice from a member of the Start Up Woking business development team.
  • Knowledge Base - Exclusive access to a database of FAQs, articles and advice on business Start Up topics.

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