Woking Hospitality Alliance

We want to do everything that we can to support and grow the hospitality industry within Woking, so we spoke to a number of restaurant and pub owners and managers to discuss how we could do just that. These conversations have resulted in the formation of the Woking Hospitality Alliance.

The objective of the WHA is to represent and support the hospitality sector during these challenging times and create a space where information about the hospitality industry can be shared – this will include

  • Future plans for the Borough as well as the town centre
  • New and closed restaurants, bars and coffee shops
  • Current staff shortages and vacancies via the Woking Works Jobs Board
  • To provide or promote training locally
  • To share expertise and Information
  • To support “buy local” using local producers and suppliers
  • To recognise best practise as part of the Woking Best Bar None scheme
  • Local awards
  • Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability
  • Addressing food waste
  • Energy efficient businesses
  • Entertainment in Woking

The benefits of being part of the Woking Hospitality Alliance are:

  • It’s Free! The only requirement is that you trade within the Borough
  • Gain Exposure. Be part of the marketing and promotion of businesses across Woking Works, Woking Hospitality Alliance, WeAreWoking and Best Bar None social media channels
  • Access to help and advice through Woking Works
  • Exclusive discounts at events such as the Woking Food & Drink Festival
  • Participation in new schemes and awards
  • Promotion of vacancies on jobs board
  • Influence the growth of the hospitality industry within Woking
  • Be part of a trusted group where information is shared
  • Learn from others

Group meetings will take place every quarter for open discussions regarding the industry and how Woking can further evolve. 

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