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Ascertia Limited

Ascertia is a leader in e-security solutions. The company provides digital signature solutions to replace paper & ink signatures. See Ascertia's cloud service at: for more details.

For SMEs Ascertia offers a public cloud document signing service available at   

SigningHub is a complete solution for document approval workflows, advanced digital signatures and document status tracking. It is designed to quickly optimise the way businesses deliver, review, approve and sign their business documents. It is available as a software product for on-premise hosting as well as public or private cloud service.

Paper-based ink signing is no longer an effective tool for document approval in today’s competitive digital business environment. Implementing digital signatures services through SigningHub delivers value on many fronts:

  • increase process efficiency 
  • cut paper-related costs
  • eleminate errors and re-work
  • increase security compared to paper and ink signatures
  • increase visibility of your document approval process
  • a great user experience for sender and signer of e-documents 

To see SigningHub in action check out these brief 2-min videos:


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