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We offer a range of web and digital marketing training courses and webinars aimed at helping small businesses take control of their own web presence rather than relying on agencies and developers.

We enjoy helping clients discover the power of digital marketing. A good website is a vital tool for every business these days and so our aim is to give you the tools you need to build and maintain your own website and social media channels rather than being reliant on developers and agencies to help you whenever you want to make a change.

Our clients tend to be small businesses who don’t have the resource to outsource their whole marketing operation and want to be able to take control of it themselves. Our training is designed to be affordable, practically focused and results oriented so you can start putting what you’ve learned into practice immediately and get quick results.

We’re experienced digital marketers, WordPress developers and trainers who have helped many clients optimise their digital marketing over the years across a range of different industries. Wherever possible our focus is on helping businesses to do things for themselves through training and support, however we do also take on marketing and web development projects on behalf of clients from time to time.

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A series of one hour webinars covering a whole range of digital marketing tools

Private WordPress or digital marketing training for your organisation

One-to-one virtual coaching in a range of digital marketing tools including Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Mailchimp and others

Advanced and specialist WordPress training

Web development – outsource the building of your site to us

Content development and web marketing support

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