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We offer a range of web and digital marketing training courses and webinars aimed at helping small businesses take control of their own web presence rather than relying on agencies and developers.

We enjoy helping clients discover the power of digital marketing. A good website is a vital tool for every business these days and so our aim is to give you the tools you need to build and maintain your own website and social media channels rather than being reliant on developers and agencies to help you whenever you want to make a change.

Our clients tend to be small businesses who don’t have the resource to outsource their whole marketing operation and want to be able to take control of it themselves. Our training is designed to be affordable, practically focused and results oriented so you can start putting what you’ve learned into practice immediately and get quick results.

We’re experienced digital marketers, WordPress developers and trainers who have helped many clients optimise their digital marketing over the years across a range of different industries. Wherever possible our focus is on helping businesses to do things for themselves through training and support, however we do also take on marketing and web development projects on behalf of clients from time to time.

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A series of one hour webinars covering a whole range of digital marketing tools

Private WordPress or digital marketing training for your organisation

One-to-one virtual coaching in a range of digital marketing tools including Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Mailchimp and others

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WordPress websites - training webinar bundle

WordPress websites - training webinar bundle

Expires: 18 Apr 2023

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On 18th April we are running a training day for people managing WordPress websites. We have 3 training webinars running on the day:

10am - Taking over an existing WordPress website

1pm - Improving the security of your WordPress website

3pm - Improving the speed and performance of your WordPress website

If you are interested in all 3 events we have a 3 for 2 offer running. Just add all 3 events into your basket and when you checkout your discount will be updated to give you one of the places for free. All events can be viewed and booked via our live events page
Free digital marketing 30 minute "surgery session" via Zoom

Free digital marketing 30 minute "surgery session" via Zoom

Expires: 30 Apr 2023

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Book a free half hour surgery slot with us and you can use this time to get advice on any aspect of your digital marketing or web development that you’d find useful.

You might want to talk about a specific design or technical challenge you’re facing. Perhaps you’re not sure how to make a change that you’d like to make. Maybe you’d like to talk more broadly about how you’re using your website and bounce some of your ideas off someone else. Perhaps you’d like advice about some other aspect of your digital marketing, from email to social media, from content generation to SEO. It could be anything.

We can’t promise to be able to solve every problem in half an hour but we will certainly do our best to help you and to point you at other resources that will give you what you need. We can also give you an idea of the time and cost that might be involved in whatever project you have in mind.

Social media marketing webinar bundle

Expires: 9 May 2023

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Book onto all 3 of our social media marketing webinars running on 10th May and get one of the places for free! Learn about Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for small businesses in a single day and save £30 on the whole training package.

The schedule for the day is:

10am - Introduction to LinkedIn for small businesses
1pm - Introduction to Twitter for small businesses
3pm - Introduction to Facebook for small businesses

Get in touch with me via [email protected] for additional details or add all 3 of the webinars to your basket and the discount will be calculated automatically for you. You can book the events individually and take advantage of your Woking Works discounts, just use code WokingWorks10 at the checkout to save £10 off an individual event (please note these discounts cannot be combined)

All events and bookings can be completed on our website

£10 off all training webinars for Woking Works members

Expires: 31 Dec 2023

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We run a series of training webinars covering aspects of web marketing such as SEO, content marketing, Google Analytics, social media marketing and more. Woking Works members can claim £10 off any training webinar by using code wokingworks10 when they book onto any of these webinars.

Check out the list of upcoming events here

To claim your discount simply enter the code wokingworks10 when you check out.
Free copy of our Basics of SEO for small businesses eBook

Free copy of our Basics of SEO for small businesses eBook

Expires: 31 Dec 2023

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Google is one of the most important sources of new customers for many businesses, so having an effective search engine optimisation strategy is vital. Every small business knows that there are vast numbers of other companies out there offering to do your SEO for you, but what if you don’t have the budget for that?

Our 37 page Basics of SEO for small businesses covers everything you need to put in place an effective SEO strategy for your own business.

Download it here now

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