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"Be Military Fit Bootcamps incorporates the latest military methodology to outdoor fitness combined with cutting-edge training programmes to deliver results-driven workouts. These aspects are deeply rooted in a community fitness, so we can provide a fun yet challenging workout. The workouts are tailored to all abilities and the BMF community here is thriving and welcomes newcomers, whatever your fitness level, with open arms. We use the same methodology to design corporate packages for corporate environments."

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10 classes for £10

10 classes for £10

Available only to startups
Expires: 29 Mar 2023

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January Deal 10 classes for £10, for all new members. The 10 classes start from the day of purchase and are valid 1 month from start date.
7 days for £7

7 days for £7

Expires: 1 Jul 2023

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The 7 days for £7 is an amazing way to see what we have to offer at Woking park with the option to roam to other parks local. The 7 days last for 7 days after after purchasing.

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