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Beagle HR

Outsourced HR solution designed for small business. Get expert HR advice and cloud HR software starting from £99/month

Take HR off your agenda with Beagle HR

Get an HR Manager starting from £99/month

We give you a dedicated HR Manager here on call to give you expert HR advice when you need it.

We help save time with our cloud HR software in partnership with Breathe. Say goodbye to paperwork and manage your people anywhere and anytime.

Stay compliant with our 50 point HR audit. We will check your business and help you fix any problems we find.

At Beagle HR we know that people are the most valuable asset to any business. As the world has evolved so have habits of people and the expectations from their place of work.

These trends are constantly changing and the success for businesses over the next decade will be how well an organisation can engage and inspire its workforce. We help small businesses ensure your HR practices are ready and effective.

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