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business mix makes growing companies simpler. Supporting companies with all aspects of operational expertise, we help deliver your growth plans with real, practical support where and when you need it.

Based on an Associate model, we have a broad range of deeply experienced, qualified people working with clients across all areas of operations and, we provide those services on an interim basis to best suit your requirements i.e. hourly advisory through to longer term retainer based commercials.

Whilst there are multiple service providers in the market that will help companies develop technology, set out a strategy, or do their accounts, there is much less support out there focusing on the operational running of small businesses without which, many won’t be able to deliver against their sales targets, customer demand or scale appropriately in line with the company roadmap. business mix is all about practical help when and where growing companies need it.

Because ‘Operations’ is a division, department or team needed by all companies regardless of size, the services we provide are completely sector agnostic – we already have an established, eclectic client base spreading across fintech, sportstech and sustainability for example.

What we ask of you is to #becurious and get in touch at [email protected] 


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