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Claire with the Camera

I am a branding photographer in Surrey, distilling the MAGIC OF YOU into personality filled, on-brand photos that ATTRACT and INSPIRE your DREAM CLIENTS by igniting your website and your content!

Hi, I’m Claire with the Camera, a professional business brand and headshot photographer based in Surrey

I love helping other solopreneurs and small business owners like you, go from mostly hating having their photo taken, to being thrilled to have a gallery of on-brand photos BURSTING with personality!

Photos that IGNITE YOUR WEBSITE, enable you to take CONTROL of your CONTENT CREATION and give you CONFIDENCE to get more VISIBLE.

​Ultimately, I am in the business of supporting you to help your business GROW!

​Whatever you do, a professional business or personal branding photoshoot can provide you with the gallery of photos you need to make marketing your brilliant business, that bit easier.

I can make your life easier, save you time and give you confidence!

Arrange a no-pressure call to find out more

Claire with the Camera x 

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