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Ford Mears & Partners

We have a tradition of providing a professional, understanding and caring service to our local community. As local people, we are able to genuinely offer a 24 hour service, 365 days a year.

Our premises will offer a pleasant, comfortable environment, equipped with all the facilities that are required to provide the highest standard of service.

Alternatively, we are always pleased to visit our clients in the comfort of their own home as some people feel more relaxed in their own enviroment or are unable to travel. At this time, we are here to guide you through the steps to be followed and deal with all the formalities and legal requirements as well as the arrangements for the funeral itself

We have served many families during their time of crisis and loss. We are passionate about the service and help we provide. Should you require information or help or even impartial advice, please call Steve, Noreen or David

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