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Goldclass Employment Ltd

We are a recruitment and employment company with a database of staff from all industry sectors in the UK and abroad. We supply permanent, contract and temporary staff. We are an REC member.

Goldclass Employment Ltd has entered into a partnership with a company in India tolook for clients in the UK, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar,Saudi Arabia, Libya, Jordan and Bahrain. We are keen to explore othermarkets as well especially emerging markets like South Africa.

Other partneships formed are with companies in Ireland and Australia. Our vision is to be a big competitor to large recruitment agencies in the UK and abroad.

We have entered into an agreement with Alisanda, a company based in Latvia to find employment for candidates from Latvia to work in various positions. Our job will be to work as outlined below;

candidates will be mainly interested in customer service works as hotel / restaurant staff (from the housekeeper/chambermaid to supervisor). Would be great if you could also find a few factories, that would take production operatives/packers/pickers from us (there we could employ 10-15 candidates at once). The factories usually take many candidates simultaneously. Maybe also construction workers and professional drivers. Also office staff: administrators, secretaries, operators, IT specialists, etc. If you also hold GLA licence, we could recruit agricultural/farm staff (they usually take big numbers of candidates at once during the seasons

We are currently looking for employers who might be express interest in using us for staff.

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