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Goodwin Product Design

Product design engineers with over 25 years experience developing new product ideas for manufacture, from market research and analysis, sketch concept design and engineering to mass production.

As a well established UK product design consultancy, we have a long track record of helping small and medium sized companies develop new product ideas with enduring market appeal through all stages of design and manufacture, from initial concept right through production engineering to mass production. Though research in the US shows that normally only 25 per cent of products in development get to market, and 30 percent of those fail, we have a success rate of over 85 per cent getting to market and many are still in commercially successful production over 10 years later.

With over 25 years experience in the complexities of new product design, development and engineering, Goodwin Product Design can handle prototyping and production engineering quickly and accurately, using the latest design and manufacturing technologies, such as SolidWorks 3D-CAD, 3D printing, CNC/SLA rapid prototyping and CAD/CAM. We also have many high quality contacts with expertise in tooling, moulding, manufacturing, assembly and packaging in the UK, Europe, and low cost areas such as the Far East and Turkey.

Goodwin are a consultant industrial design engineering firm with clients all over the UK and Europe, giving help and advice to companies from start up inventors and small businesses like Steribottle and Gemini data loggers, to multinationals like Franke and Parker Pen, creating exciting new products and getting them into the marketplace as cost effectively as possible.

We specialise in the design and engineering of injection moulded plastic products and work regularly in the areas of consumer, electrical, electronic, industrial, healthcare, medical, architectural and building products, structural packaging and Point Of Sale display equipment. Using our experience in these different areas to cross fertilise ideas, marketing methods and production processes as part of the new product development process

We are not only able to reduce the time to market, but we consistently design products that are stylish, innovative, well engineered, cost effective, easy to use and in tune with market requirements.

Just some of the products we have designed that have gone into mass production, some of which are still selling well over 10 years later

A large part of the design process is creating quick sketch concepts by hand or using 3D CAD so that we can discuss product development and engineering with clients and potential suppliers early in the project, thus saving time and money.

Our 3D CAD models can also be used to create low cost rapid prototypes that realy bring the product to life.

We have worked on many projects for Thrislington Cubicles, one of which is still in mass production 20 years later.

Our original research and product development work helped them move from a small business putting together off the shelf components into the UK's leading manufacturer of custom made washroom equipment.

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