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Hardacre Consulting Services Limited

Executive Coaching and Mentoring services, Independent Adviser, Director, CFO, NED, to help business deliver profitable results. All on an affordable part time basis. Experience without the expense.

Independent Adviser and Director level services that help your business to deliver the results you want. The investment in an experienced financially qualified Independent Adviser, Coach or Director can generate significant returns for your business.

I set up this independent consultancy to add value to organisations by helping them to scale up profitably.

I apply a coaching and mentoring approach to support managers and directors in achieving their goals and objectives.

Having a Finance Director can be key to enabling a business to scale up, or to ensure that its value is maximised for the owners to exit. Often the cost of a FD is considered too much, but why have a full time FD? Having access to this skill set and experience can be done on an "as needed" basis and as such can cost less than employing a more junior finance person. I am happy to provide services on a day per week or month basis to help your business maximise its potential. Rates and support are calculated to ensure that the service delivers the results, adds value and remains affordable.

NEDs are not just for big companies, my experience is within the SME environment where I can add real value to the development of both the senior management team and the business itself. I support the management team by being independent, helping them to avoid the mistakes I have encountered and guiding them towards making good decisions. I don't have all of the answers but by careful questioning and guidance I can help managers and directors solve issues and plan for success and where appropriate I can make introductions to others that can help.

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