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Holdsway introduces interim executives to companies needing extra expertise in managing change, uncertainty or leadership transition. Holdsway is the leading interim firm in the South of England.

Interim executives, hired for assignments of 6-18 months, bring with them years of experience of delivering change and a whole range of business transforming initiatives on an assignment basis.

Holdsway is one of the UK’s top 10 interim firms and the leading interim firm in the South of England – we know how to select interim executives to match your requirements, whatever business change you are facing.

Our network is comprehensive and covers all types of role and change situation – which means we can introduce you to executives to help manage all change and transition situations.

We’ve screened and built relationships with over 5000 proven interim executives as a result of years of continuous pre-screening and assessing executives we believe are the best at delivering business change, transition, and transformation. 

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