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Our app offers members the ability to choose from 10,000+ VOD & exercise routines, pre-designed workouts for home and the gym, live stream classes via zoom and our community hub to stay connected!

Our community is the heart of HubFiiT. We are not just another app to exercise! HubFiiT is the app that connects people to socialise, build relationships, gain extensive knowledge in all thing’s health, wellness & fitness, whilst keeping fit and smashing your fitness goals!


• Community Hub – Stay connected with our coaches & members through our in-app chat rooms

• Live stream classes – Workout with our coaches from anywhere

• Fresh & Lean (w) Dean – VOD recipes from our chef. Cook along with Dean for nutritious meals

• Food tracker –

• 10,000+ VOD classes + exercise programmes

• Progress tracker – Log all your measurements

• Programme builder – Build your own workout

• Technical VOD – Focused around corrective technique on exercises

• My Device – Connect your fitness tracker

• Webshop – Add on options available

Why HubFiiT?

Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle with HubFiiT.

With our experienced coaches supporting you on your fitness journey through, working out has never been more fun. HubFiiT allows you to train with your friends, family, and work colleagues anywhere & anytime, at home or the gym! Our app offers members the ability to choose from 10,000+ VOD & exercise routines, where you can track your progress and earn badges, all at your fingertips! Push yourself by taking part in our challenges, or if you are looking to implement new lifestyle habits, take part in our mind & body reset plans.

Fitness is just one element of overall Wellness, which is why we provide members with a library of Fresh & Lean (w) Dean, RECIPEHUB, video to help you prepare delicious healthy food options in 15 minutes. Our in-built nutrition tracker allows you to keep track, you can use our in-built programme designer to build your own workout programmes or pick a predesigned programme from the library!

Membership Benefits:


Starting your fitness journey can be daunting, which is why we have our community hub! Stay connected with members and staff, where you can ask key questions, share your success stories, and stay motivated throughout your journey, with the support from your HubFiiT Community!


FRESH & LEAN (w) DEAN offers you delicious, nutritious healthy meal options. Our qualified Chef will take you through step-by-step recipe guides, including video tutorials on preparing meals, educational values of the ingredients you are using, and alternative meat-free recipes. Have your favourite recipes at your fingertips, anywhere!


Your workouts, your way! Our home hub workouts are perfectly suited for your lifestyle! Our app has specifically designed workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness designed to achieve your goals from home with minimal equipment.

VOD: Video on demand

Variety is key to achieving your personal fitness goals, which is why we have over 6000+ VOD (video on demand exercise classes) to meet your needs. Covering every element of fitness from strength, indoor cycling, HIIT, martial arts, dance, core, and meditation, working out has never been more convenient, fun & easy! Train with our coaches, with exclusive VOD classes, made for you to enjoy working out whilst getting results!


Train at home or at the gym with either our pre-designed workout programmes, in clear 3D demonstrations or design your own workouts with our programme designer and log your activity to your workout calendar. Select from muscle group workouts to isolate specific muscle groups, or if you want to blast your body with a total body workout, to make those gains.


Train at home or at the gym with our pre-designed HIIT workout programmes, in clear 3D demonstrations. Discover something new every time with a different timer based HIIT workout, including AMRAP and more.


Whatever level of fitness you at, tune in to our live workouts with our coaches. Appropriate for all fitness levels, all you must do is book the class, select the link and have some serious fun.

We have you covered on all your health; wellness & fitness needs in one app! Working out has never been more fun & easier. You can sync this app with Apple Health App. If you enable this connection, any workout in the health app will automatically beaded to your activity calendar!

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