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Hughestech Ltd

Providing Business Phone Systems & Cyber Security. Start-up to enterprise, our comprehensive products offer freedom for the remote workers as well as those in the office. A true one number solution.

Hughestech offer cloud hosted business phone systems and Cyber Security for start-ups to the enterprise.

Voice Systems:

Benefiting from secure voice channels, full PBX functionality, Call Centre features, Call Recording (MiFID/PCI compliant) and a wide choice of IP Phones.

If you are using Microsoft Teams, we also offer an attractive, non-disruptive integration package that allows calling through Teams with the added benefit of PBX functionality and free calling to UK and 07 Mobile numbers.

Cyber Security:

Hughestech offer a Unified Threat Management system at a favourable pricing model. The system will cover the basics plus add Layer 7/Application level granularity, Intrusion Prevention, Anti Spam, Phishing protection and comprehensive reporting as well as a host of other features.

We offer company vulnerability and penetration testing both internally and externally and Cyber Security Awareness courses for employees or the individual. Call us to find out more.

01483 355619

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