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Knowing Minds

Providing one to one and group training and support using NLP techniques with a licensed NLP Master Practitioner (Society of NLP).

Group Training

Shaz has 11 years experience working with the unemployed and 20 years experience working within further and higher education. With a certificate in Teaching Excellence (Society of NLP) that uses NLP techniques to enhance the teaching experience for both staff and pupils as well as considerable personal experience she trains staff to deliver a better and more efficient learning experience, making it more fun for both and thus ensuring better results (we learn more when we're having fun doing it!). If you're doing training with staff but the message isn't getting through, or if you would like your training sessions to be more productive and fun then Knowing Minds is the company to call.

One to One Training

Particularly gifted when it comes to confidence building and driving up motivation, Shaz's experience with the long term unemployed as well as occasionally reluctant learners who nevertheless have to pass means she has hard won experience with the hardest groups to help. This same experience helps her to help those who are floundering on their life path, struggling with issues of confidence or finding it hard to master new concepts. If you're a student who's struggling with their studies, is afraid of exams or is making the difficult transition from academia to employment Shaz can help with a range of practical skills designed to enhance your natural talents, rewire your brain for success and ensure you deliver a polished and professional performance when it matters most.


Everyone can benefit from the coaching experience. Combining coaching with NLP allows for a more powerful and flexible approach to problem solving. Just as sportsmen and women have coaches to bring out the best in them, so individuals can benefit from having someone who can help them identify what is preventing them from realising their full potential. Coaching is completely confidential and can be short term to deal with a specific issue or longer term for those who need a completely independent mind as a sounding board for ideas. A coach's job isn't to tell you what to do, it's to help you find the solutions that are inside you, but in addition an NLP trained coach can apply NLP techniques to overcome any identified barriers the customer wishes to remove. Contact me for more information or to arrange an initial consultation.

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