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I offer Life Coaching to people facing change in their career either through choice or necessity. Graduates, job seekers, new employees, established employees - all are welcome.

There are many ways to look at what life coaching is. My view is that it is a way of decluttering the noise that everyday life throws at you so that you can have a look at what you really want to be focusing on and find a way to achieve it.

Life Coaching is a way of improving your life whether personal or professional and an enabler to a more focused approach.

Anyone can make use of a coach at anytime of their life. The modern world often demands instant success and everyone to be driven to a goal. However how many Graduates genuinely know what they are leaving university to do?

At the other end of the scale are those who find themselves at a crossroads in life through external influence. No longer is the concept of a “Job for Life” a reality. We hear regularly of companies downsizing, the human aspect of that is employees facing big changes, sometimes after many years of stability.

This is not just a professional issue either. There are stay at home carers who are overwhelmed by the responsibility and workload. Those who may feel that they are so busy looking after others that they have no time for themselves.

It is important to understand that Life Coaching is not counselling or therapy. A Life Coach may touch on some subjects with a client that are personal but a good Coach will know when to suggest an alternative intervention.

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