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STEPS Youth Counselling

STEPS Youth Counselling
Heathside Crescent, , Woking, Surrey, GU22 7AG
0845 241 0370
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STEPS Youth Counselling is a FREE service for young people in Woking. Sessions are private and we can help you talk through difficult feelings and problems that are concerning you. Call 0845 2410370

Would it help to talk about any of these things?
... Angry feelings, anxiety, bereavement, bullying, cyberbullying, feeling low, feelingo ut of control, nightmares or not being able to sleep, OCD, personal or family illness, pregnancy, relationship difficulties, school or college, sexuality, stress, where you go to next in yourl ife or any other things that are worrying you ...
Counselling can help you talk through difficult feelings and problems that are concerning you. Some people find that after doing this they feel better and more in control of their lives.
We provide free counselling sessions at Heathside Crescent in Woking. We are dedicated to working with young people aged 16 to 25 independently of all other organisations. Sessions last 50 minutes and are private and uninterrupted.
You decide what you want us to know about yourself and it will be you who tells us, not a social worker, or a parent, or any other adult, unless you would like someone to give us information on your behalf.
Whether you see a counsellor just once or twice or want to have several sessions, the service is free.
It is important to know that what you say to your counsellor is private. Our counsellors will not normally speak to anyone else about you and what you have told them, unless you ask them to.
You can call us on 0845 241 0370 or you can also write to us at: STEPS Youth Counselling, 1 Old Elstead Road, Milford, Godalming, GU8 5EE.

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