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I am an experienced and fully qualified psychotherapist, providing a safe, calm, non judgemental, supportive environment for anyone in need of help, specialising in eating disorders, depression etc

I have many years of experience as a psychotherapist and have had success with clients suffering with eating disorders, namely anorexia nervosa and obesity, depression, anxiety (from mild to panic attacks and phobias) grief, relationship problems, addiction, lack of confidence, etc. I use a combination intervention, using cognitive behavioural therapy, client centred therapy, psychoanalysis, and mindful healing. I am willing to see clients over weekends and evenings. I work from home where I provide a safe, highly confidential, private and calm environment.

if you or anyone you know is suffering, please don't hesitate to call me, I'm here to help.

phone 01483 480 108

mobile 079 3129 8186


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