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We provide a comprehensive range of Property Management Services. Professional HD Video Inventory reports with each Check In/Out, HD Video Inspections, Property Maintenance and Residential cleaning.

The Property Management Services are flexible and are individually tailored, allowing our clients to select from any of the services on offer and engage only those packages which best fit with lifestyle needs.

There are no fixed monthly charges for our services. Fees are applicable only when a service from a Property Management Package is employed.

Our Inventory Report utilizes the latest technology to produce a professional HD Digital Video recording, incorporating sound and HD photo stills. We capture details of the property structure, contents, landscaping and boundary fencing where applicable. This highly comprehensive visual report is documented and stored electronically, eliminating reliance on paper documents which are often open to interpretation and notoriously lack any substantial detail.

The HD video Inventory Report easily identifies wear and tear, damage or substitutions to furnishings or fittings, so at Check Out the client(s) have an unambiguous video record which benefits both Landlords and Tenants regarding suitable compensatory claims if necessary.

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Our Property Inspections incorporate the use of HD Video and HD Photo stills, to provide Landlords with a visual assessment of how the rental property is being cared for during the tenancy term.

Inspections are vital to ensure the Landlord is kept up to date with any maintenance obligations that are detected during a tenancy term as they should not only rely on Tenants to report disrepair or substitutions to fixtures and fittings.

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Property maintenance and repair works can be competently organised by Scott Home Management.

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The cleaning srevices availible are Pre-Tenancy, End of Tenancy, Full Tenancy, Communal areas and Residential.

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