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The Dojo Woking

We are a specialist Martial Arts Dojo and Fitness Gym facility providing training in Koshiki Contact Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, Punchpulse/Boxercise, Fitness, Self-defence and Holistic Life Coaching.

The Dojo Woking was created by Shihan Ciaran Mitchell, who is a Former World Koshiki Contact Karate Champion, Certified WAKO Kickboxing Coach, Certified Self-defence Instructor, Qualified Life Coach and experiences Aiki-Jutsu practitioner

The Dojo Woking is UK Head Dojo for Koshiki Contact Karate and Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo.

DojoFit is a fun, friendly fitness class enjoyed by adults of all age and fitness level.  We combine the training techniques from Karate and Kickboxing to create a unique training experience for all to continually learn and progress as they improve their stamina and strength.

The Dojo Woking is the origin of UKAMA Kickboxing which runs classes for male, female and kids as well as one to one coaching and training.

We teach Self-defence classes for all ages through our KSK Karate - Jutsu system.

We are the Global Head Quarters for the new UKAMA COMBAT LEAGUE that is launched in 2021.

We welcome groups and individuals who want to find a new way to work through life's challenges by  training in our special Dojo as part of their change.

We welcome EVERYONE and all we ask is that they respect our special Dojo, its staff and members and abide by our core beliefs taken from Karate Masters before us....."Karate begins and ends with courtesy" We apply this to all our undertakings.   

We provide School Training Programs to help offer knowledge and variety to the curriculum and sports activities.

In 2021, we will offer Team Building Experience days for groups and employees in order for them to have specialist team activities and challenges to help them with work spirit and mindset.

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