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THE independent, sustainable eco venue in Woking, we offer PRIVATE use for 1 TEAM per day AV tech & cool spaces, virtual events, training, company offsite days specialising in mental health/wellbeing

Come to Woodhaven for the ultimate off site experience, get your team off zoom to freely communicate again, share ideas in person in a relaxed, creative environment, or zoom them in from around the World using the latest tech,  to join you and your colleagues at Woodhaven. To see more,give Nicky a call to book a tour, in person or a virtual one on 07802256523 we look forward to welcoming you and your team for safe, bespoke events and nutritious cuisine created on site with homegrown veg. free on property parking, or just a 10 minute walk from WWF (we have hosted, photo shoots, movies, yoga and wellbeing retreats, birthday celebrations with pool and spa, a fashion show, product launch, wine tasting, myers briggs check out our video here 

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