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Speaker criteria

The aim of TEDxWoking is to create a positive perception of Woking as a place where high quality events happen, fruitful conversations take place, and great ideas are discussed.

The specific selection and evaluation criteria used by the TEDxWoking steering group for accepting or rejecting speakers for TEDxWoking are as follows (in no particular order):

Locality - is the speaker local to Woking Borough I.e. do they live or work in Woking Borough or a neighbouring borough, or have a strong Woking connection such as a business based here, or are they an active member of a local business organisation?

The aim for TEDxWoking is to have the majority of speakers from or clearly connected to the Woking Borough area, i.e. 50% or more of speakers on the final programme, before looking further afield for speakers. However, this aim is dependent upon sourcing proficient speakers with high quality 'on theme' talks.

Theme - is the proposed talk title directly connected to this year's theme? By this we mean the dictionary definition of collaboration i.e. .


TED rules - will our overall selection of talks and speakers comply with the rules for TEDx speaker and their content guidelines?


Diversity of programme - will our range of speakers, and the videos we select to play alongside them, provide a wide range of interesting themes across a multidisciplinary base? 

The programme should also reflect our local - and a global - range of cultural backgrounds, in order to connect with as wide an audience as possible, both on the day and online.