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orking for Woking

Working for Woking

Woking Borough Council hosts a 'Working for Woking' breakfast briefing every year, to help inform members of the business community as to what the Council is doing to support the local economy.

The event is part of local authorities' statutory requirement to consult local business rate payers on its proposals for expenditure for the forthcoming financial year. In addition, topics for discussion include efforts to grow the economy, and major developments in the Borough.

Speakers include the Leader of the Council, Cllr David Bittleston, as well as members of the Corporate Management Group, including Chief Executive Ray Morgan OBE and local businesses.

The Council has an important role in providing a strategic and political lead in encouraging business development growth and inward investment, and creating jobs.

All business rate payers are encouraged to attend the consultation, and add their views to how the Council can stimulate the local economy and create wealth and opportunities that the whole community can share.

At our Working for Woking 2017, we had guest speakers from Sir Robert McAlpine and Ardmore Advertising to provide and update to Woking's business commuity on the Victoria Square development and #WeAreWoking campgain.

Slides are available to view here. (Opens in a new window)