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25 June 2021

How cutting water use will also reduce your energy bills

Organisations often think of water saving and energy saving as two unrelated things, but actually they’re very closely linked. It takes a lot of energy to produce water, and a lot of water to produce energy, so if you’re using more water than you need to then your energy bills will also be higher than necessary. Whilst it’s true that water itself is a relatively cheap resource, the energy embedded within it that’s needed to heat it, cool it and move it around certainly isn’t.

Businesses are often spending a substantial amount of money pumping water around their facilities. Converting water into ice and steam is also very expensive. People often think of this cost simply in terms of the energy used, but of course if you can reduce your need for steam and ice or make more efficient use of the steam and ice that you do generate then you can have a significant impact not only on your overall water usage but also on your energy use and carbon footprint.

Utilities organisations are committed to achieving carbon neutrality so the link between water and energy use is a live issue for most businesses but is an area of carbon saving that can often be overlooked.

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