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23 June 2021

How to make your washrooms greener

Organisations are all aware of the importance of reducing the environmental impact of their operations. Badly designed washrooms can contribute to a high carbon footprint as well as wasting a lot of water. However the good news is that modern washroom technologies can reduce the environmental impact of washrooms massively, significantly reducing water use and the associated carbon footprint (as well as cutting costs!)

Sign up for this webinar for practical advice on how to make your washrooms greener. Whether you’re planning a complete washroom refit or want to optimise your existing set up, this webinar is for you.

In just one hour we will cover:-

What makes a green washroom?
Why being greener also saves you money
How waterless urinals work and why they’re better than flushing urinals
Making your toilets more sustainable
The environmental impact of cubicles, screens and flooring
Sourcing environmentally friendly toilet paper
Litter bins and sanitary bins
Installing low flow sensor taps
Lowering the impact of sinks and soap dispensers
Cutting energy use through smart lighting choices
Environmentally friendly cleaning options
The impact of hand dryers and paper towels
Ventilation systems
Benchmarking your performance
The importance of ongoing maintenance

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