Go Green

What are we doing?

We are supporting local businesses to start their journey toward net zero. Woking Works has teamed up with a number of local organisations to help businesses in the local area reduce their carbon footprint.

Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this?

Woking Borough Council has long been committed to protecting the environment.

In July 2018, the Council declared a climate and ecological emergency, pledging to become carbon neutral by 2030 across its own estate and operations, and by 2050 (or sooner) across the wider borough. Woking 2050, the Council's climage change strategy, sets out a vision guiding our collective efforts to create a sustainable borough by reducing our impact on the environment.

But local climate action needs you, the local business community, too.

To date, a lot of what we have achieved is thanks to working with key stakeholders, commercial partners and community volunteers to meet our common environmental goals and contribute to our collective net zero ambitions.

Plus, there are many benefits to local businesses reducing their carbon footprint and working towards net zero, such as cost savings on energy and equipment as well as the added marketing potential of being an envrionmentally responsible business.

How can you do this?

Even the smallest businesses produce carbon emissions – it could be through your building, your vehicles or your suppliers. Below are a few ways you can take steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Operations and processes

Supply chains and contractors

Are your suppliers also working to become environmentally friendly, for example by using Electric Vehicles (EV)?

More efficient machinery or equipment

Consider upgrading to newer, more energy efficient equipment.

Raw materials used

Are the materials you use from sustainable or renewable sources?

Business or production processes

Could you reduce waste during production by reducing packaging sizes, for instance?

Vehicle fleet

Would an EV fleet meet your business's needs for deliveries or transportation?

Property and estate

Lighting, insulation and heating

Ensuring that your property is correctly insulated can help save your business money and reduce energy wastage. Upgrading to new energy efficient lighting can also reduce your energy costs.

Energy supply

Consider switching to an energy provider who uses power from renewable sources.

Waste and recycling

Are you doing enough to reduce your waste and to recycle where possible?


Working practices

A mix of working from home and in the office (hybrid working) could help to reduce your business's carbon footprint.

Sustainable choices

Encourage your staff to limit their use of single-use plastics, switch off equipment after use and make smart choices to reduce their carbon footprint.

Staff and business business travel

Would an EV fleet meet your business's needs? Can meetings or events be held online? Can staff take advantage of active travel options for work or their commute?

Support and advice

Business in Woking can access advice and support through Action Surrey, LoCASE, Enterprise M3 Growth Hub and WEAct.

Action Surrey

Action Surrey

If you're a small to medium sized business in the Surrey area, Action Surrey can provide impartial energy efficiency advice to identify ways to help your business reduce energy costs.

Enterprise M3 Growth Hub

Enterprise M3 Growth Hub

Businesses from any sector can engage with the EM3 Growth Hub and will be offered a free, tailored, 30-minute one-to-one advice session with EM3's Net Zero Sector Specialist, where they will receive information on sustainability and decarbonisation.



WEAct is a voluntary group of individuals taking action locally on issues relating to climate change and sustainability. The Woking Environment Action partnership with Woking Borough Council began when Woking Local Agenda 21 was set up in 1994.

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Resources and Case Studies

Resources and Case Studies

We have put together a list of resources you may find useful as your business starts its journey towards reducing its carbon footprint.


Also see our case studies for examples of local businesses who have already started their journey.

Case studies

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