26 March 2021

The Apprenticeship and Skills Hub

The Apprenticeship and Skills Hub - Free, impartial resource for businesses in Surrey and Hampshire on all things apprenticeships, funding and levy transfer.

The Apprenticeship and Skills Hub offer free and impartial advice to organisations across Surrey and Hampshire to provide support and guidance on apprenticeships, skills programmes, funding options and levy transfers. In the current context, this can also provide important additional support for employers’ workforce planning in response to COVID-19; to reduce skills gaps and create valuable new opportunities for individuals. The Apprenticeship Hub team will work with you to create a strategic approach towards adopting apprenticeships and skills into your organisation by identifying skills gaps, establishing the most relevant apprenticeship or skills training courses, utilising available funding and building a vision for the future of skills development in your workforce.

The Apprenticeship Hub has also launched ‘Transfer to Transform' to support with the utilisation of Apprenticeship Levy Funding. The Transfer to Transform initiative was set up to support large employers with utilising their unspent apprenticeship levy funding, whilst supporting SMEs in the region. This is an opportunity for large businesses to support the creation of apprenticeship opportunities for local people, to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, and to reduce wastage of their unspent apprenticeship levy. The Apprenticeship Hub team make the process as simple and efficient as possible for employers, from selecting an organisation to work with, to the processing of the funding. We offer you the option of having as much or as little to do with the levy transfer process as you wish.

To discuss further, please contact Lexy Rees by emailing or visit our website to find out more.

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