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6 December 2018

Woking Marketing Agency Wins Global Award!

Punch! takes home the award for best Video Selling Connector at the #VIBawards2018!

Punch!, a Woking based B2B marketing agency specialising in account-based marketing, has been announced the winner of the Best Video Selling Connector at this years annual #VIBawards2018! The news comes just over a year after the UK based agency first started to deploy personalised videos as a crucial part of highly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns for their clients.

Utilising the video hosting platform ‘Vidyard’, Punch! turned everyday webcams into super prospecting tools and recorded hyper-personalised 1:1 videos for future customers. With the ability to add captions, annotations and a call-to-action – the only limit to your possibilities with video is how creative you are willing to get! And Punch! along with the other winners and finalists were certainly willing to get creative.

Judged by a panel of business celebrities, the winning entry from Punch! involved sending 1:1 personalised video messages from ‘Sherlock Holmes’ as part of a detective themed campaign on behalf of their client Workforce Software.

Each video was personalised per contact and was used to follow up on a creative piece of direct mail which included a letter written with invisible ink accompanied by a UV torch, encouraging future customers to ‘crack the code’.

James Snider, Sales & Marketing Director, Punch! on personalised video and why Punch! Is so invested in the approach. “Obviously I am thrilled for the team, I really believe that the work that has gone into creative videos this past year has been extraordinary. It’s all part of an ongoing approach to making sure your future customers are both entertained and receiving real value. I think that you can expect video to be changing the expectations around Sales and Marketing efforts in the years to come as we continue down the path of a buyer centric environment.”

More information about Punch! and Vidyard can be found at and , AND if you want to have a browse of all the winners and finalists, check out the this post from Vidyard below:

Video Selling Awards

About Punch!

Founded in 2012, Woking based agency Punch! create and deliver unique account-based marketing campaigns designed to engage your audience through personalised content. By keeping up-to-date with the most forward-thinking account-based techniques and technology, Punch! is able to serve as your internal ABM department, accelerating your pipeline and build customer advocacy.

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