Woking Works is here to support local businesses across woking upskill their staff and support the next generation into work.

Apprenticeship Hub More info

Free, impartial resource for businesses in Surrey on all things apprenticeships, government funding and levy transfer.

Peer Networks More info

Learn. Share. Grow. Get practical no nonsense support from other local businesses. There's never been a more important time to invest in the future of your business by working with people who know business best. Other business leaders. Join forces to find your strength in 2021 with Peer Networks.

Steps2Work More info

Steps to Work is a new programme, supported by Woking Borough Council, designed to equip 18-25 year olds at particular risk of unemployment with the tools they need to find a job that is suitable for them and which they can sustain.

Free Digital Training More info

The Skills Toolkit is made up of free online courses, tools and resources to help you improve your digital and numeracy skills.

Skills Gaps and Supply More info

How does Woking compare to other areas in terms of skills and qualifictions? 

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