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Do you struggle to recruit staff to specific roles because there is a lack of candidates with the right skills and qualifications? Are you struggling to find local providers that offer the courses you need to upskill your staff? Are you keen to utilise apprenticeships to improve your businesses’ productivity but don’t know where to start? 

This is a unique opportunity for local businesses to highlight their current and future skills requirements and play a genuine role in influencing and shaping local skills and training provision to meet their needs.

What is the LocaL Skills Improvement Plan?

The LocaL Skills Improvement Plans (LSIP) is designed to put employers at the heart of the skills system and ensure that local businesses’ voices are heard to help influence and shape local skills and training provision.

They are uniquely placed to shine a spotlight on the actual skills employers most need in the workplace but are struggling to find locally. It is the first time we have had access to resources that will allow us to reach out into the business community and amplify the voices of employers and sectors that struggle the most to be heard.

Surrey Chambers of Commerce has been designated as the Employer Representative Body (ERB) to create a Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) covering Surrey and North and Mid-Hampshire, funded by the Department for Education.  They will draw on the views of employers operating within the specified area, and any other evidence, to summarise the skills, capabilities or expertise that are, or may in the future be, required in the specified area. They identify actions that relevant providers can take regarding any English-funded post-16 technical education or training that they provide to address the requirements mentioned.

The LSIP team want to engage with as many businesses as possible to hear first-hand what your skills shortages and challenges are.

How Can You Get Involved?

Employer SurveyMore info

The LSIP team have launched an employer survey which is designed to help highlight the current and future skills required by businesses in the region. The survey is a key part of engagement activity to give businesses more of a say in shaping local skills and training provision.

They are encouraging as many businesses as possible to take part in the survey to help give us a better insight into the potential areas of focus for the project.

It takes 5 minutes to complete the survey.

Click here to take the survey

Events More info

Throughout the project we will be running a series of events across the Surrey and North and Mid-Hampshire region in partnership with Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, industry bodies, local colleges and other partners. The focus and theme of these events will vary based on:

    • industry/sector – (e.g. construction, healthcare, digital)
    • location – (e.g. focused around a particular college or training provider)
    • skills function (e.g. digital or green skills that cut across sectors)

Training More info

Following some earlier survey work there were a number of Skills and Training needs identified and through collaboration, local providers are in the process of designing courses.

Resources More info

The Education Landscape - A Guide for Employers

The British Chamber of Commerces have produced a guide for employers about the education landscape. It explains as a whole how employers can work with schools, colleges and universities, and the wider skills system, to benefit their business.

Click here to download the guide!

CITB - Driving construction skills, growth, and jobs through Local Skills Improvement Plans

This outlines 3 key themes and 12 practical tried-and-tested recommendations. These can be used by ERBs to support the creation of local plans, which include construction skills needs in the local community.

Click here to download the report!

EM3 Economy and Labour Market Reports

Enterprise M3 LEP collates data and information on the health of the local economy and labour market for the area to support the work of the LEP Board and the Skills Advisory Panel.

Click here to see more!

Surrey Skills Plan (SSP)

The Surrey Skills Plan forms the strategic basis for delivering skills priorities in Surrey. This plan is for all of Surrey's businesses, skills providers and people. The main purpose of the plan is to articulate the medium-term needs of employers and set out actions to take within the next 3 years to make a significant change in Surreys skill system.

Click here to see the Skills Plan!

Contact More info

Contact the LSIP Team directly to have a more detailed conversation.

Email[email protected]
Telephone: 01483 901814

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