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Talent, the lifeblood of any business, is readily available in Woking and the figures speak for themselves.

Over the last decade, Woking’s population has grown by 9% (NOMIS) and the calibre of our people is also evident with 56.1% of those working in Woking in managerial, professional and technical occupations; 11% above the British average. Moreover, 45.7% of the population is qualified to NVQ Level 4 and above; 8.6% above the British average.

Choosing Woking means you will be in good company as a valued member of highly competitive business community. Several global names have invested in their operations here, including McLaren, Asahi, Petrofac, Cap Gemini, WWF-UK and Mustang Engineering, to name a few. Woking has one of the largest concentrations of knowledge sector businesses in the UK.

One of the greenest boroughs in the country, Woking works hard to invest in sustainable energy and tackle climate change, and leads on the application of innovative transport and energy initiatives, which could benefit your business. Woking has the ingredients to help your business succeed: knowledge, diversity, and competitiveness.